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Local listing of  events for mothers and families in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.


RTZ Honoring Your Loss Journey: A Healing Retreat For Bereaved Mothers
What:  Healing retreats for bereaved women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.
Where & When: May 9-12 & Oct 24-27 (visit website for the latest information.)


OHSU Research Study
What:  Mindfulness intervention study researching the benefits of mindfulness in preventing postpartum depression. Financial reimbursement for up to $140.
Who:  Dr. Ellen Tilden at OHSU; Participants must be 10 weeks or more pregnant, between the ages of 18 and 50
Where & When:  4 Week long, 1 hour online group sessions & online surveys.
More Info:  email

“If it doesn’t honor your soul, let it go.” Lalah Deliah

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