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Amy Galaviz,

Licensed Professional Counselor (OR)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (WA)
*Perinatal Mental Health Certified

Portland/Vancouver Therapist

Who I Am

Hi, my name is Amy Galaviz. I am a Mental Health Therapist and Perinatal Provider..

               ....but one also might call me a counselor, a helper, a healer, or a navigator (to help you move thru the messy parts of life).

I am also an encourager of self-love, a believer that life can be better, and a support to individuals just like you.

What I Do

I help people, who long to feel whole again, but… fear that they don’t have the courage or the strength to dig through the mess to get there;


Because a part of them believes that things might not ever get better, no matter what they do.   

I work to support them, to cheer them on, and hold space for them to share their experiences, feelings and dreamsso that they can  

 ....find their voice.

       .... find the courage.

             ....feel better and start living.


I know from my own life as a mom, as a woman, and as a person on my own life journey,

that finding your strength is not always the easiest thing, but it’s a start to an amazing beginning.

I know that having someone who understands, who cares and is there to help dig through the cobwebs, somehow makes it easier to stand and is sometimes just the thing I needed.

I know from my own path to wellness that change doesn’t happen overnight, but taking the first step in starting the journey is finding someone that can relate to some of the struggles and challenges.

The truth is,

     I believe that struggles don’t have to last a lifetime.

     I believe that we are closer to a better life, than we often think.

     I believe that people (especially you) can feel better, live better, be better.

Everyone has a right to be happy and live the life they want; And living a fulfilling life is attainable- for everyone. Not only is it possible, it may be just around the corner or staring us right in the face. It just takes a little bravery, a dash of vulnerability and some hope with a sense of curiosity to get us there. The destination is well worth the journey of self-discovery. 





Contact Me

That’s why I hope you will take the next step in your own journey and connect with a therapist that is right for you;

Reach out and contact me for an appt today.

“Take these broken wings and learn to fly…

All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.”

-‘Blackbird’, The Beatles

My Approach to Therapy


Humanistic Approach

     My focus of therapy stems from a person-centered approach which means I put the client needs in mind first. I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where you feel safe and comfortable while working to build a positive, open, trusting, therapeutic relationship. From this, I see the client as an expert in their own life, while striving to understand one’s unique perspective of the world around them. I aim to keep your needs in mind, through a non-judgmental attitude and unconditional positive regard toward your growth and challenges, with a focus on personal strengths and growth enhancement. Together, we take a holistic look at your life, by examining each part of your world that has an influence on your well-being whether it be personal relationships with family and friends, work, or health. I believe that people have the power to create changes in their lives no matter how small and am there to root you on along the way. I am here to accept and support you throughout your therapy sessions, and am honored to walk beside you during this journey.

Five Truths That Guide My Practice


I present myself in my own authentic light, demonstrating who I am as a therapist, as a person, and as a fellow mother. When we show up in our lives as our true, authentic selves, it allows room for growth, and relieves the anxieties of trying to be what others want us to be.


It takes courage to face our struggles head on and become our unique selves. Facing our personal truths can be healing in itself and releases the power that is hiding over us. We are meant to stand in our own light and celebrate who we are.


In order to begin to find our strengths, we can start with being open to the belief/ possibility that we have them. I work to help clients like you identify their strengths and harness the power that they hold. Bringing forth those strengths can empower you to become who you want to be.


Everyone has their own personal truth. Being able to identify and hold that truth has an empowering effect on how we carry ourselves and show up in life. We honor ourselves by allowing ourselves to live out our own truths.

Compassion /Self- Compassion:

Every person falls on hard times. Compassion for others is one of the values that lead me into this work of helping others. One of the journeys we will take together is one of self-compassion. Growing to understand and accept that it's OK to make mistakes; it's alright if you don't "have it all together." I promise you, that others don't always either.


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